Workshop Department

This is new workshop with dimensions 30 m length, 18 m width and 9m height contain overhead crane 10 ton new brand, site of  this workshop near first bridge of highway Al- zubair –Nasria city.
This workshop contains some machine using for  mechanical jobs of Bawabat Al- Rumaila company likes:
a) Bending Machine new brand up to 20mm.
b) Plate rolling machine up to 25mm, second brand.
c) Cutting Machine new brand up to 22mm.
d) Structural beam rolling machine up to 250mm, second brand.
e) Press machine 100 ton, second brand.
f) Automatic cutting plate machine. new brand
g) Mobile cutting machine, new brand.
h) Mobile flat welding machine. new brand
i) Air compressor 10 bar, new brand.


At the same site that is new shield building use for vehicles maintenance and store for spare parts.
Dimensions 30 m length, 9m width and 6m height. This building follow vehicles department.