BR Group is committed to supplying construction services of consistent quality that conform fully with company and statutory requirements and in meeting our client’s documented and implied expectations in terms of technical, budget and time compliance.
The development of an efficient and effective Quality System and generally accepted best practices in the management of Construction Projects, a system which not only ensures that the construction quality is consistent, but also helps to ensure minimal wastage in all our construction phases.
Establishing and reviewing quality objectives for all levels that are realistic, achievable and measurable taking into cognizance preventive action for outside influences that could prevent the achievement of the objectives.

Quality policy


BR Group has defined and approved a quality policy that applies to the entire personnel. The corporate management is committed to implementing the quality policy and supporting reaching the goals. BR’s quality is based on implementing the goals specified below and assessing the results.



The basic idea with our business is acting in an open and honest manner, and respecting our customers in order to achieve their trust. We can meet the needs and expectations of our customers with our strong expertise and high-quality business. We aim at doing what we promise, and the customers can expect a little more from us.

Correct product


We study the customers’ needs and requirements imposed on the products in all construction projects. Based on the information obtained, we agree on the project quality, cost and schedule objectives.

Faultless construction


Our principle is to deliver a product complying with the agreement on time, without faults and fully completed.

Management and personnel ensuring quality


The corporate management is in charge of implementing the quality policy and offering the preconditions needed to implement the policy for all personnel groups. Continuous development and training for all personnel groups ensure controlled high-quality business