BR Group Management philosophy is Target Zero (incidences).


By diligently pursuing this level of excellence, BR committed to implementing and maintaining management systems which will strive to eliminate or mitigate any foreseeable hazards that may result in personal injuries, illnesses, and damage to property and negative impact to the environment.

BR Group will utilize best known management practices, modern control methods and technically sound processes that ensure best industry practices in all phases of its operations from initial planning and design through to construction, final commissioning, turn-over and start-up operations.

These industry best practices and level of safety excellence shall be achieved and maintained through teamwork, commitment and participation of all personnel involved in all our operations. We actively promote a culture of Target Zero throughout all phases of the project.

Our policy has been adopted to include each one of these objectives:

We will lead the Project with our Risk management process and we will build on our core competence: we can engineer the best and will apply that in safety too.
We view Safety and safety systems to be critical in our designs and will bring our field proven experience to each and every design.
We want our staff, clients and contractors to be active Participants in our goal to achieve Target Zero; we accomplish this by making safety a conscious thought.
Life can be challenging and is becoming more and more so, thus we Encourage and support those struggling with the challenges, we want to build a corporation that’s more than a place of work for our staff, it’s a place of solace.
We care about our environment, we care about our communities in which we work and live, we care about our staff and our associates.
Behavior based safety is one of the core values of the HSE Management framework and implemented at both home office and project site under the HSE program.
By eliminating at-risk behaviors, which cause a very high percentage of all construction injuries, this positive work observation process is one of the cornerstones for achieving the project goal of Target Zero, an incident free and injury free workplace.


Health, Safety and Environment Management Objectives


Our primary HSE Management objectives include:

Reduction of employee injuries, illness, property and equipment damage, and environmental non-compliance incidents to zero.
Motivation, education, and training of personal to identify, correct, and/or report hazards in all our workplaces to assist in continuous reduction of all injuries, incidents, and losses to zero.
Encouragement and support of these programs at all levels within the organization, with senior management providing strong leadership and setting a standard of excellence for employees.
Compliance with all legislated requirements in the prevailing jurisdiction during the construction phases.