Q.A & Q.C 

Bawabat Al Rumaila Group is committed to provide quality control plans and ensure the effluence of the procedures through its structure. Our highly qualified workforce and administrative staff cooperate to ensure excellent quality of work and we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a top quality service and excellent value for money. Since our inception, we have continually aimed at promoting the highest standards of excellence and have always been among the first to apply innovation in modern constructing.

Q.C plan is interacted with every item of work and generally consisting of three different and sequenced phases:

• Preparatory phase.
• Follow up phases.
• Completion.
Documentation is entered into the organization structure to ensure that tracking of records for every quality issue is maintained until final solution achieved, this includes:
• Deficiency report.
• Corrective action reports.
• Punch list.
• Pre-final inspection report.
• Final inspection and hand over.
A well qualified Quality Control manager and his followers are appointed for each project and
they are authorized to act their job and have the full power to correct any activity.