Civil Section

This section is a leading construction jobs to execute all civil works likes: high buildings, camps, workshops buildings, foundations of storage tanks, pipeline pedestals, civil big jobs of sewage sector and complementally jobs for above sections.


This service includes excavation, backfilling, compaction, bound walls, and concrete work from reinforced concrete foundations to superstructure. Our activities also include major foundation works for the oil and gas industry as well as complicated works for buildings.




Steel Structure Works
This service includes design, supplying of materials and execution of all structural members and welding works. The executed project included steel buildings, shelters, pipe racks, storage areas and plant rooms.




Finishing Works
This includes all wet and dry finishing works such as block works, plastering, painting, portioning and false ceilings.




Landscaping works
This includes soft and hard landscaping work as well as infrastructure and road work activities such as major cut and fill trenches supply. We also do installation of all underground services of sewerages storm water and water.




Fabrication of House caravans
In addition to the full scale construction works, it is also worth to mention that we had done subcontracting jobs to execute oil works that includes supply of caravan related to the location, installing cooling and lighting system. We have executed reformation and acidizing oil wells.




Finished Projects
Since our inception, we have continually aimed at promoting the highest standards of excellence and have always been among the first to apply innovation in modern constructing. The company is mainly focused on development and quality of work, while keeping in mind cooperation and an understanding of our client’s needs. During our time, we have worked some of the world’s largest companies. These include:
• CNPC: China’s largest oil and gas producer
and supplier, as well as one of the world’s
major oilfield service providers and a
globally reputed contractor in engineering


• Soil Back Filling Activities.
• Fence construction.
• Caravan’s installation.
• Water system connection.
• Power system installation.
• Connection of Three FG Wilson 650 KVA via synchronies penal.
• Maintenance facilities included Generators, water system, Power system, A/C
and RO water station.(Ongoing Project)
• Supplying food and Manpower services (Ongoing Projects).
• Plant trees, grass and prepare green land living on water irrigation system.
• Decoration works, interlock activities and Road Pavement.
• CPTDC: Chines company Specializing in Maintenance of generators.
• CPP: One of the world’s leading integrated pipeline companies.
• CPECC: professional company specializing in oil engineering,
manufacturing, construction and contracting.
• CJI (China Janso Construction Company) Halfaya oil field.
• Great Well drilling Co.
• PetroChina Halfaya Oil Field.
• Weatherford drilling Co.
• HLG Habtoor Leighton Group
• Daqing Drilling: is the main brand of Daqing Drilling Engineering Company, covering, petroleum geological prospecting, drilling, well logging, logging, cementing, work over and construction operations.
• AGC (Arab Gulf Oil field Equipment).


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Our company employed about 250 labors forces most of them from the locals and has enough experience in the oil fields operation. They are supervised by technical staff that undergoes training from time to time to keep p with the ever changing technology. On top of the operation are the engineers who are professionally qualified and hired based on above average accepted standards.




Our teams in each section have technical experience through working in many projects in Iraq
(engineers, technical’s, surveyor’s welders, employers and lubbers).