Provision of Catering, Life support and Operation & Maintenance Division


  • Catering and life support

BR Group can offer an extensive range of menu options to suit all requirements covering a full range of services throughout the day, these can be supported with special themed events on a regular basis to enhance the overall dining experience.

As a company, we pride ourselves on the fact that we can cater for 1 to 1000 + people on site providing services ranging from breakfast, crib or hot lunch, dinner service and that extra touch when it comes to those special corporate or themed events. In addition to this vending, crib room and retail services can also be provided. Menus can be tailored in accordance with the specific requirements on site and can accommodate a cycle based on 1 week to 6 weeks depending on the scope provided.



Our business development team works closely with the clients to compile and review suitable menus on a regular basis in order to bring variety and most importantly to prevent menu fatigue (More information on menu compilation can be found in the following menu section. The product, quality, and presentation of food are key drivers when it comes to the service which BR Group delivers to its clients. quality, commitment and service to pins our company vision and values no matter how big the contract…if you provide a service…provide it well.


To be one of the key players and contributors to the building as well as construction in the region, particularly the construction of Modern Iraq,

To reserve a prominent place among leading construction and engineering companies as the preeminent and sole provider of creative, ambitious, comprehensive, and massive construction solutions and engineering projects,

To fulfill the requirements of reconstructing civilized societies and build on advancements and progress made in different facets of life including, but not limited to, housing, healthcare, transportation, and recreation. Thus, be committed to the provision of a better lifestyle for Arab nations, and in particular, for the Iraqi people.


In compiling the menu, wherever possible, recipes have been written in accordance with the

Iraqi Dietary guidelines within the Food Standards Code, taking into consideration all relevant aspects relating to tender requirements. Through working in conjunction with a registered dietitian BR Group has compiled a comprehensive cycle menu which has been based on the following principles:

When planning menus it is important to look at the requirements of the people on-site, the demographics of who you are serving and what their personal needs may be as this will vary from person to person and from site to site. A well-balanced menu should aim to provide a variety of choice incorporating these needs but still providing the necessary nutrients to support individual daily balanced intake requirements. Menus have to be flexible and rotate on a regular basis to allow variety, be reflective of seasonal changes and the prevention of menu fatigue. Menu compilation is not solely about the food; it should encompass the whole eating experience including key attributes within the restaurant area such as ambiance, decor and general design.


In order to be able to provide and maintain the quality standards of service on which BR Group prides itself, it is crucial to make sure that the company has a strong industry-recognized supplier base which guarantees it can provide the quality products needed to fulfill contract obligations.

2.1- Meat

As reflected in our Quality standards, BR Group only uses the best quality grade of meat. The quality and size of the cut are extremely important, ensuring satisfaction is guaranteed always to our camp residents and visitors to site. An example of this would be our T-bone steaks, which are cut to a minimum of 300 g each, all other steaks are cut fresh as required on-site, in accordance with the specific recommendations as detailed within the Scope of Works.


All our meat is transported to site fresh and frozen, to provide the best quality of meat from the best meat suppliers in Iraq. All meat got and delivered to our clients camp with government health test stamp.

2.2- Fruit and Vegetables

As we only supply the best, we make sure we are supplied with the best. Our preferred produce suppliers located in Basra city. We insist on using only First Grade product on our Remote Sites knowing only too well that given the distances and expected the life that there is no substitute for Quality.



To support our sites in their ordering process and in order to maintain quality we have, in conjunction with our suppliers, established a traffic light warning system which provides our chefs with an overview of the market highlighting any areas or specific products which may be affected through supply or escalating costs, e.g. bananas. This allows them to re-plan and be proactive regarding any menu change requests to the client, rather than waiting until it does not arrive on the truck or the quality is deemed poor.

2.3- Dry Goods

Over the past few years, BR Group has been using top suppliers in the middle east to supply the bulk of our Dry Goods and Seafood. All our Key Suppliers are Quality Assured companies which Guarantee Freshness, Quality, and availability of supply all year. BR Group Vendors database let us chose the best of the best and provide to our clients.


  • Operation & Maintenance


BR O&M interesting to run and manage operating systems and maintenance for low and high-tension power systems. BR Group Developed Electrical department and started by highly trained engineers and technical, BR Prides itself on offering excellent works and run camps correctly. BR has an extensive fleet of fully equipped service vehicles on 24/7 supporting our client’s camps and ensuring of full operation running depend on daily inspections sheet and planning for preventing maintenance to make sure and be ready for any Obstructed may occur.Our Customers can rest assured that their machines are maintained for optimum performance and maximum life cycle. From our previous experience started with Jinan Generators company in 2012 to provide mobile maintenance service in South of Iraq\ Rumaila area for (20) Generators with different capacities, As well as BR Group supplied and installed Gensets system to CPECC north Rumaila& Halfaya as well as installation of power system with synch Gensets for Daqing drilling company and other Chinses companies. Also, BR Group was the main sub-contractor who is involved with a full operating system to PetroChina camp in Basra\Burjsia for six years with excellent service provided there.



Our maintenance schedules have been specifically designed to support Clients by ensuring preventative maintenance standards and identifying defects and faults before they cause major collateral damage and cost. To achieve this, all services are completed by trained and certified technicians, using approved tooling and specialist diagnostic software. An optimized scheduling program is used to produce a full-service schedule, ensuring all vehicles/equipment are forecaster and receive their periodic maintenance at the right time. To guarantee this periodic maintenance scheduling meets requirements, genuine parts are always used during every workshop visit.


BR Group believes that Maintenance is one key to set equipment reliability. BR Group ensures the highest levels of safety operations and daily maintenance activities guide to the right operation and keeps Equipment in good condition for the long lifetime.



General inspection

When the generator set is running, operators need to be alert for mechanical problems that could create unsafe or hazardous conditions. Following are several areas that should be inspected frequently to maintain safe and reliable operation

Exhaust system: With the generator set operating, inspect the entire exhaust system including the exhaust manifold, muffler, and exhaust pipe. Check for leaks at all connections, welds, gaskets, and joints, and make sure that the exhaust pipes are not heating surrounding areas excessively. Repair any leaks immediately.

Fuel system: With the generator set operating, inspect the fuel supply lines, return lines, filters and fittings for cracks or abrasions. Make sure the lines are not rubbing against anything that could cause an eventual breakage. Repair any leaks or alter line routing to eliminate wear immediately.

DC electrical system: Check the terminals on the starting batteries for clean and tight connections. Loose or corroded connections create resistance which can hinder starting.

Engine: Monitor fluid levels, oil pressure, and coolant temperatures frequently. Most engine problems give an early warning. Look and listen for changes in engine performance, sound, or appearance that will indicate that service or repair is needed. Be alert for misfires, vibration, excessive exhaust smoke, loss of power or increases in oil or fuel consumption.


  • Previous Experience

BR Group has performed several camp constructions, camp management, life support, camp maintenance, and catering services to several clients in South of Iraq, Our scope of service extends across the full spectrum of Remote Site support services, from facility design and construction to leasing, operations management, and maintenance of civilian and military camps. We provide full facility operational management, skilled and unskilled manpower supply, and facilities management and maintenance services to a wide range of sites in different industry sectors.

BR Group Clients during the last Eight years in Iraq extends to: